Directory and Search

Global Search

The global search, which lives on the home page of Engage, lets the user search smartly for anything and any page within the app saving them time from jumping one page to the next. An additional bonus is that it retains the users most recently searched areas, so it earmarks the users most common searched upon items.


Exhibitor List and Details

Whether your event is comprised of 30 exhibitors or 3,000, search flexibility is essential. Engage provides your attendees multiple ways to search and locate companies, sponsors or specific booths.

Finding the right exhibitor is just as important as providing quality company and product information in a visually appealing interface. Engage displays the most up-to-date booth description and product and product category information for your attendees. Users have the ability to filter by product category.


Event and Session Search

With integrations built directly from Experient EventXL registration, Engage seamlessly displays all your event and session information in a search-sort-and-find format that is configurable for you to manage and easy for your attendees to use. Functionality includes:

  • Display in calendar and list format
  • Land on specific date and time in calendar
  • Search and sort by date and time
  • Search by event groupings and track


Participant Directories

For organizers looking to create a more intimate event experience or simply open the door to help build more networking between their audience members, Engage offers a variety of participant directories. With built-in configurations managed at the click of a button, you can publish or hide your attendee list in the mobile app. Perhaps you only want your Speaker Directory available for public view? No problem - Engage has you covered.