• Generate Revenue

    Whether it is a sponsorship opportunity or the fluid e-commerce functionality that allows attendees to tap and purchase events from within the app, Engage provides numerous new revenue streams based on the needs of your particular event. 

  • Add Value

    From an exhibitor or sponsor’s point of view, your ability to provide value and show measurable ROI has never been so important. Extending their marketing presence with precise in-app placement and profile listings increases the value of their return. In addition to providing metrics and tracking reports, Engage – as a promotional platform – is a value-adding feature for your clients.


  • Build Connections

    When people engage and make connections through networking, the value of participating in that event automatically increases. Enhanced profiles and participant listings offers the ability for relationship-building and interactions with your attendees.

  • Go Green

    In response to ever-increasing environmental awareness and concerns, companies are evaluating how to be more eco-friendly. And the event management industry is no different. Enlisting new technology, like Engage, is a step in the right direction – consider trading a carbon footprint for a digital one.

  • Cut Costs

    Not only is Engage a green technology, it can also reduce traditional event expenses. Note taking and handout download capabilities, can reduce printing costs and energy consumption. And for those event organizers looking for an eco-extreme solution, consider an entirely paperless event. 

  • Collaborate and Grow

    Engage delivers a comprehensive, affordable and easy-to-use mobile event app that is designed specifically for the tradeshow and corporate event marketplace by a provider that knows the industry and your business. With a mobile platform poised for continued development and growth, let Experient and Engage partner with you to create a collaborative mobile strategy.