One Application for All Your Events

Our mobile platform delivers and maintains all past, present and future events in a single application. This event branded 'nested application' model allows Engage to provide a standard, robust feature set, fewer bugs and crashes, continued product enhancements and the unparalleled customer service you have come to expect from Experient – all at an affordable cost.


Engage as Hybrid

Designed to run as a native application on phones, tablets and other mobile-enabled devices using iOS 8.0+ or Android 4.4. Engage is able to fully utilize the device's hardware such as the camera, GPS, accelerometer and Bluetooth. Native apps can operate without internet connectivity.


Web Mobile Functionality

Engage can also be accessed via our web mobile interface on laptops, desktops, Blackberries, Windows Phone 8 or any other device with a full featured browser. Web mobile is built on HTML5 and will automatically adjust to the viewport size of the device through responsive design to provide the best experience possible. Users can take full advantage of web mobile as a pre-planner tool. By using all the Engage features on their desktop prior to onsite, they'll have all their information already saved for them once they download the app.



The Experient Ecosystem that includes our registration system, EventXL, and Engage provides the events community with a comprehensive suite of management tools for a consistent and seamless attendee experience.

Registration and housing data are available in real-time to the Engage platform giving users access to everything they need on-demand. Additionally, Engage is integrated with a variety of social media tools including Yelp, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, Instagram, Pinterest and Flickr.

Plus, Engage has real time integrations with third party vendors to consume exhibitor data, floor plan data, and product categories all in real time.



All of your data is protected by adhering the latest security protocols and best practices. Communication from your attendees' devices to our servers is encrypted to keep personal information safe. For events not open to the public, Engage offers a secure login allowing access to only authenticated users, protecting your event's sensitive data.


User Analytics and Reports

Want to know which features your attendees are using the most? No problem! Engage provides detailed reports using Experient's own reporting tool, Decision Point, on everything your users are doing – from how many attendees have downloaded the app to which exhibitor is viewed most often. Gain immediate insight into what is happening at your event like never before.