So.Lo.Mo. with Yelp

Engage provides your attendees with the best
in local dining, transportation, services and more through our easy-to-use Yelp page. Whether your attendees are trying to make a dinner reservation or call a cab, we've created a complete mobile event experience so they will never have to leave your mobile event app to find exactly what they need.


Social Media

The number of users that are active in social media is rising considerably. Selecting a mobile event app that is universally integrated throughout has never been so important. With Engage, your attendees have the ability to not only stay connected but create and enhance relationships leading up to the event and while onsite.

Allow Exhibitors to give virtual product demos via Engage's YouTube integration. Attendees can connect with each other by uploading photos directly into the Engage photo stream from their device. Embed your events Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, Google+, Pinterest or Instagram page into the app which will display live updates in the menu. Your users can easily contribute to their favorite social media page directly within the app.