Marketing and Sponsorships

  • Targeted Push Notifications

    Scheduling changes, show updates and event notices are worthless if your attendees do not receive them. With Engage, our targeted push notification system provides messaging along with an easy-to-use scheduling system to help event organizers keep attendees fully informed for the duration of the event. 

  • Collaborative Marketing Approach

    With Engage, you receive a marketing approach that other event apps cannot offer: a unified process that combines registration and mobile app accessibility. Integrated directly with registration, confirmations contain personalized Engage URL's that ensure attendees have every opportunity to download the app and login in with their registration credentials immediately.

  • Revenue-Generating Sponsorships

    From enhanced exhibitor profiles and interactive product collateral to banner ads and splash pages, Engage has a variety of methods available for monetizing your mobile event app. And with built-in tracking in Experient's Decision Point reporting tool and Experient's Exhibitor Portal you and your exhibitors are able to view download and activity counts as well as click thrus and impressions!